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Cocked N Locked
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Dr. Popper
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Mob Boss-Up
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Rude Awakening
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Whoopsie Daisy
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New Item
Rise N Shine
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Ghost Bangers
Border Patrol
Top Guns
Night King
Lick the Rainbow
Electric Dreams
Nothing to Loose
Color Me Bad
Feel the Noise
Double Impact
Dr. Shocker
Balls 2 The Wall
Over Budget
New Item
Dungeons of Doom
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Star Power
Zip It!
Rip Curl
Bang Master
Party Meter
Pickled Parrot
Ghost Recon
New Item
Hot Stars
Hearts & Daggers
America's Finest
Toxic Rain
Tequila Shots
Wild N Wacky
Night Lights
Mob Boss
Tower of Terror
Shake It Up